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a day on our own ... do we survive ???

Wine ... nectar of the Gods and to me, the best medicin for a good night's rest, which was once again more than true coz I slept like a baby! 

Today we had a day off from traveling. Today, Chris our 4th crew member, needed a checkup and I guess our other 3 crew members needed a break from us as well, so with a day all to ourselves, we could do whatever we wanted. Most of our group members wanted to sleep in and do as little as possible, but me and Tania on the other hand, grasped every opportunity to see and do as much as we could.

Swakopmund is not only a coastal town, it is also a thrill seeking town, where you can do all kinds of fun and exciting things like jumping out of planes, horseriding, quadbiking, see some dolphins or in our case, go sand boarding.

There is still so much I want to see in the world and do as well and when I read that there was a chance to go sand boarding, I signed up immediately!

At 10 AM sharp a minivan arrived in front of the hotel and picked up me, Tania and 2 American girls called Samantha and Rinsy. I was just so happy to see that we weren't the only ones interested to do something fun in the morning and as we got to talking, we soon realized that they were going to join us on the rest of the tour. 

The ride towards the dunes didn't took that long and as we arrived, soon another minivan arrived as well. On board there was another couple from Australia as well as a Belgium one. What are the odds? Normally we don't see any Belgians, but on this tour we already met a few. Just like all the others we met, they spoke Flemish and we soon learned they lived in a town only 30 kilometers from mine. So funny and yet so cool!

While me, Tania, Sam and Rinsy went through formalities like safety and so on, the other four went through the same thing. It turned out that us four were going for the lying down version while the other four were going to do some standing up sand boarding. All in all it was quite a good mix.

Although I initially wanted to do that as well, they soon told me that the lying down version was more fun and 1,5 hours later I certainly had to agree with them! The going up part was really exhausting, but when you did it a few times, you certainly got the hang of it. The going down part was the best thrill there was. In the beginning we didn't know what to expect, but after the second run, the four of us got the hang of it and tried to go as fast as we could. Needless to say, we had a fun morning and made friends from the moment we stepped into the minivan.

It must have been already after 12 AM when the people from the sand boarding tour also prepared a sandwich lunch for us. This was unbelievable and very nice of them, not to mention it was delicious. Maybe the running up and sliding down made us extra hungry. We certainly all appreciated the delicious food.

By the time we arrived back at the hotel, it was already past 1 PM and as we went to our room, the main priority was getting rid of all the sand. I don't know where the sand was coming from, but I was sure glad to get rid of it.

With still an entire afternoon on our hands, we decided to go to the centre of town and see what was going on there. The owner of the hotel was nice enough to bring us to town and as we said goodbye, we first had a quick look at the jetty. The wind was still blowing and it was a bit more chilly than we were used to, but we adapt really quickly and as we ignored the temperatures, we just kept on gazing at the ocean and the beach in front of us.

Swakopmund is really a coastal town and it breaths ambiance. i don't know how to explain it, but when you are there, you instincitly love it, or at least I did. Walking through town, you don't exactly get the feeling that you are in Africa. It all looks very European and more like the time stood still about 100 years ago, but in a good way. When you hear all the German and Afrikaans, for me that is like walking on a beach in summer in my own country. Needless to say, I really loved Swakopmund.

As we left the beach behind us, we walked straight into the African market which was very colorful and from there it was onwards to the lighthouse and of course we needed to try out some Black Forest cake as well. It is said that the best cake in the country can be found here and they certainly weren't wrong. The leftovers we had were immediately taken away by the birds, so it seems everyone likes cake when you live in Swakopmund.


Strolling through town, we soon realized that most shops were closed. This was quite a pity, but saver for us since we couldn't spend that much money. Instead we just walked through the different streets till it almost got dark. Tried to find something to eat for dinner and strangely enough we ended back at the same Italian place. It was fun to see that we weren't the only ones. The fact that not much was opened on a Saturday evening and the food yesterday was simply amazing made us realize we made the right decision and about an hour later, we even saw our crew coming into the restaurant. It seemed they loved the food as well!

The night was still young and after a yummy desert, the both of us decided to walk all the way back to our hotel which was situated in the outskirts of town. It took us less than an hour and as we tried to reach the homefront but failed, we resorted to packing all of our stuff coz tomorrow another day on the road awaited us.


I guess it was almost midnight when I called it a night and while Tania was still looking at her mails, I quickly drifted off to the best country there is for tired people ... dreamland!

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I think this is the journal I ended reading from TB...will come back to reread it! :-)

by pasyandoraCMay

Btw, Ils since there is no "smile" button to hit, I "like" your journal anyways! ???????

by pasyandoraCMay

hahaha, thanks so much May, sadly enough it is no TB, I still don't understand where to put pictures and stuff. It is all new and strange to me but maybe one day I got the hang of it! :D

by Ils1976

Hi, Ils! It's fun to read your travel stories! Thanks for sharing!

by Vic_IV

thanks so much Vic, I still need to figure out things ... but I am getting there!

by Ils1976

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