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6 AM is very early, but to be honest, we were getting used to it. Although I could have easily stayed in bed a little bit longer, the urge of seeing the animals at the waterhole were more to my liking, so as soon as we jumped out of bed, we made sure we had all of our bags together and onto the waterhole it was.

Upon our arrival at the waterhole we were surprised to see not a single animal. How strange is that ... I guess we were too late. We waited for half an hour, but still not even a zebra showed up. Bummer! It seemed that Norman got it all wrong and with a bit of regret, the both of us returned back to our bungalow to stow away our camera and onwards to the breakfast area it was.

Here we met up wit our American friend again and as soon as we were all ready for another day in this beautiful NP, big was my surprise when Norman announced that we were going to leave the park in the morning because when the evening came, we had to be in Windhoek.

It seemed that today was not going to be my day. I was just so looking forward to another day spotting some animals, but sadly enough about an hour later we left the NP behind us and back on the Namibian Highway it was. We kept on riding for a few hours till it was time for lunch and while our team was preparing our lunch at a local gas station, the rest of us just crossed the street and visited a local market which was quite good at trying to sell their stuff.

We had the whole market all to ourselves and although everything looked very African and touristy, besides buying a few bracelets and small stuff, nothing much was sold. Lunch however was a succes and Rhyno once again for the last time did a hell of a good job. We were sure going to miss him that's for sure!

Making sure we left our picnic spot spic and span, we were soon back on the road again, only to arrive in the capital about a few hours later. Although it was still only a few hours in the early afternoon, we only had a quick tour of the city of less than an hour. Although I initially thought this was but a short history tour of the city, I got the feeling that not much was going on in the capital after all and about an hour of 2 later, we left it behind us, not without first seeing goodbye to a few group members who had to catch a flight straight out of Windhoek.


It was really sad seeing them leave and I don't know why, but saying goodbye is not really my strength. I was just so glad that we went onwards to our lodge for tonight, Heja lodge, which was about an hour away from the city.

Not only in Belgium we are known with the word "traffic jam", even here on the African continent, they now a little bit of it and as we arrive at our lodge for the night it is already past 5 PM.

Dinner is set at 8 PM and with a little bit of time to spare, the both of us just have a short walk at the premises before we do get settled into our room and promptly at the agreed time, we met up with our fellow group members.

Our last supper luckily enough wasn't a sad one. We started all as strangers, but now that we were at the eve of saying goodbye to each other, we had a nice dinner reminiscing about all the things that happened during our trip and as we said goodnight to one another it was almost midnight. What a night it really was and with a smile on my face and to be honest as well a bit tired, I quickly drifted of to sleep.

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