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an amazing last day

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Although we could easily have slept in now that our tour was over, the both of us set our alarm clock at 7 AM so that we could say goodbye to the rest of our group in style.

If I have to be honest, it was really tough saying goodbye, especially since we all got along so well and although we wished them all happy and safe travels, secretly the two of us wanted to join them, but alas, work didn't allow us, so we really have to come back to Africa one day and do the last stretch of this amazing tour.

As we waved them out, we went straight to the breakfast area to see what was on display. Although it was but a continental breakfast, all the things you needed to survive were present, so the two of us certainly didn't complain all that much.

Since we were on our own and the lodge was a few kilometers away from the capital city, there was not so much for us to do. The staff of the hotel recommend to relax for a day, but that is just the thing, the two of us actually don't do.

Instead of lying in our room all day, we decided to go for a morning safari and luckily the lodge provided this. Since we were the only ones interested, there might be a chance that it would be cancelled, but I guess they found out we were that eager, so they arranged our own vehicle with private guide and what a tour it was.

Although it was but 2 hours, we certainly saw loads of animals and we even saw a black rhyno up close. It was that close that we could even pet its back, but of course we were wise enough not to do that.

I guess it must have been almost noon when we arrived back at the lodge and with a whole afternoon ahead of us, we decided to look up some more safaris. I guess we were overdoing things, but when in Africa, you can't have enough safaris to go around. Am I right or am I right.

We tried to ask the reception of the hotel to help us, but they weren't game, so instead we looked up some farms in our guidebook and the only lodge who agreed to pick us op and had a few safaris available was Safari Guest Farm Düsternbrook.

It took us almost 1.5 hour to get there, but as we arrived, the staff of the lodge was very friendly and together with about 10 other people we got to know their 2 female cheetas and a male leopard a little bit better. Of course they were hand fed and in the beginning I was a bit sceptic, but when they told us they were orphans and they would have died otherwise, I guess I could live with the idea of it being a "tourist trap" and not seeing those beautiful animals in the wild.



The encounter with those 3 beauties took almost an hour and afterwards, the two of us joint another group of 4 people on a safari in the surrounding area of the Düsternbrook lodge.

I guess we saw all the animals we saw the last few days except for the elephant but still, the area was so beautiful that I loved every minute of it and I was a bit sad when after 3 hours we arrived back at the farm. I must admit that I love the continent and its beautiful creatures in it and I can only hope that one day I can come back.




Our taxi driver waited patiently for us all afternoon and when we arrived back at our lodge it was already way past 8 PM. We quickly went to the restaurant and had yet another yummy dinner and by the time we hit the sack it was after 12 PM.

It was an incredible long day, but I wouldn't miss it for a thing. I was just that glad we had the chance to see it all and with a big smile I went to sleep, knowing that tomorrow we really had to say goodbye to this more than beautiful country!  

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