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final hours on the African continent

After getting up very early in the morning for the last couple of weeks, it was such a bliss knowing that on our final day here on the African continent we could sleep in. Today we had no program to follow, no attachments what so ever, so we just enjoyed the quiteness of the moment, slept in and although we wanted to stay in bed a little bit longer, we also got a bit hungry as well, so in the end we decided to get up and go and check out the food.

Just like the day before, we noticed it was but a limited breakfast buffet with a bit of hot and cold thingies, but in the end we always find something to our liking so, with our tummy filled, we went back to our room and made sure we packed everything for our check-out later this afternoon.

We were lucky to keep our room till an hour before our leave to the airport and with just half a day left, we decided to have a walk around the premises of the hotel.

Yesterday we came across a few warthogs and today we were on the search for them again but no matter where we looked, they were no-where to be found, so instead we just walked towards the large lake of the lodge when all of a sudden Tania got stung by a tree. If I have to be more precise, it was a thorn of the camelthorn tree which was lying near the lake wondering which human it could hurt in a vicious way because that is the way of life for those thorns.

Tania was taking a picture one moment when another moment she took the thorn out of her foot and all of a sudden blood was gushing all over the place. This was just plain crazy! My instinct said that she needed to go to hospital, but for some strange reason the bleeding stopped. To me this looked so strange, but still hurting a lot, the both of us went back to our room, making sure she got first aid and a little bit later it was back on the road again ... we are just that though!

Maybe we were so convinced that we were going to see the warthogs again, but about an hour later, they were still not to be found. The only animal that we came across was a little scarab. I have to admit that they are interesting as well, but we expected to see some larger animals like we did the past week.

It seemed that our last day was going to be "big animal"less (I know, it is not a word, bit I like to invent those strange words) and as we walked towards the small chapel of the lodge we discovered some sort of adventure route. A few kids were running around with bow and arrows and as we were walking alongside the trail, we came across a few stuffed animals if you may call it that which they could shoot at. I guess for kids it was fun, for adults a bit less, but we did see a lizard hiding in the trees, so animal number 2 was discovered.

As we arrived back at the lodge, there was still some time to check out the pool. The last few days it was covered because of the cold weather but now with the sun shining, it was more than enough to enjoy the last sun rays.

By noon we got a bit hungry and ordered something small to eat and I guess it must have been about an hour later when we arrived back at our room. With a bit of time to spare, we washed away the dust in the shower, put on some warm clothes and we were ready for our departure towards the cold. It seemed our holiday was officially over.

We still had to wait half an hour for our taxi driver to arrive and once she did, she kept on talking about the country, her relatives and so on that by the time we arrived at the airport we were glad to have a bit of silence. Wow, that woman really could talk!

Check in went relatively smoothly and since we still had to wait for a few hours till our departure, me and Tania wanted to grab something to eat before we went on the plane, the only sad thing is, Windhoek airport is so small, there was only one food joint and it was packed with people. If we wanted to order something decent, we wouldn't got served before our boarding time. What to do, that's always a question of course. After a walking around for a bit, we decided, we rather eat something small than nothing at all and after waiting for almost an hour, our toast arrived.

Since we didn't had all that much time left, it was a very quick dinner and as soon as we were finished, we jumped into the store next door to buy a couple of bottles of water, which we surprisingly enough had to hand in again about half an hour later when we had another security check at the gate.

When everyone started to complain about what I call a business like any other, they said it were airline regulations. The airport had nothing to do with that .... yeah right!

This my friend sounded so fishy in my book that I asked the stewardesses when we entered the plane and guess what, they knew nothing about it. Upon request they asked the airport and love and behold, it was a new regulation of the airport. Thanks for letting all those stupid tourists buy water they can't use and which can be sold again when the flight is gone. This was just so dishonest, but what can we do about it, in the end the airport always wins I suppose.

As we left Namibia behind us, it was smooth flying all the way to Angola where we arrived about a few hours later. I must admit that I am not so sure about the hours since it was already late at night and I was a bit sleepy.

I remember touching ground in the country and I was a bit curious how things would look at the airport but because of the late hour, nothing much was there to see, so I quickly enough closed my eyes, hoping when I opened them again, I was almost home!

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