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Once again we had an early rise and shine, but somehow the hot tub had done miracles coz I was really fit and ready to face another day on the road and what a day it was going to be. Punctually at 8 AM we left Citrusdal behind and were on our way towards the border of Namibia and even a little bit further.

As we were driving, Norman told us that this was going to be the day with nothing else but driving, driving and some more driving. If we ever got tired of hearing the wordt driving, well, today was definitely that day!

Being on the road is always a bit adventurous, but sadly enough, today was not that day. We left Citrusdal behind us and I must say that everything looked a bit dusty, but as the time passed by and even a few bushie bushie (read bathroom) stops later, the views changed even drastically and it looked like we were closer to the desert than ever before.

The road luckily was still good, after all we were in SA, but the color of the sand changed from brown into something red and for some reason I had a few Australian flashbacks. I just love that color and I guess I wasn't the only one coz Norman insisted that we got out and had a photo stop.

It was just so funny to see that a guide got more enthousiastic than the tourists. I must say the vibe catched on coz in no time we were jumping, making funny pictures and just absorbed the atmosphere. Rhyno even found us a turtle but lucky enough he didn't make soup out of it.

Back inside our stallion of steel, we drove for about another 2 hours when we finally made a stop for lunch. Chris' restaurant once again provided a delicious sandwich lunch and after filling in our forms for crossing the border later today, some of us made use of the bushie bushie toilets again. I on the other hand was more interested in the views of our little place in nowhere land and even the birds making funny sounds above my head caught my interest.

As we were all good to go and ready for another endless stretch of road, most of us quickly fell asleep, including me and waking up a few hours later, we made another toilet stop. Vistas had suddenly made way for city views as we arrived in Springbok, where we stocked up on food and the most important thing there is ... water!

Yesterday in Citrusdal, the temperatures were okay and nice and warm but as we drove closer and closer to the Namibian border, it got hotter and hotter as well. We were now in Springbok a little later than 3 PM and it was just so hot, that it just asked for ice cream which we had to eat very fast because it melted in no time. Not that we were complaining coz back at home people were almost freezing because of the cold temperatures, so bring on the heat!

Somehow a few hours later, I just wished I didn't thought that coz as we arrived at the border it was just freaking hot and I got the feeling that I was melting. Even our crew was complaining that it was just too hot and if they said so ... than it was HOT!

It took a while to cross the border and in my opinion, the Namibians are not that friendly looking as the South Africans, but maybe it all has to do with being at the border. For some reason people need to look bored and annoyed and don't dare to smile, maybe they melt when you do that ... whatever the case, I was glad to be out of there.

Our final destination for tonight was going to be the Norotshama river lodge at the banks of the Gariep River, where we arrived a little before 7 PM.


Getting out of the truck, we all noticed that the heat was not going away. We got a friendly welcome by the owners of the hotel and as soon as we all got our keys, we could settle in our room and enjoy a well deserved cold shower, what a bliss!

Dinner was served from Chris' restaurant at 9 PM and to be honest, pasta had never tasted that good, we were just so lucky with our chef Rhyno and our entire group made sure he knew how good his cooking was coz we cleaned out all the pots!

A whole day on the road makes a person tired and most of our group turned to their rooms at about 11 PM, us two included and after rearranging some stuff because it was just that hot in the room as the AC was put in a complete wrong corner, we finally closed our eyes about an hour later or so.

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Your description of the heat makes me glad we visited in the winter! I think almost all border guards are trained to look stern, although I still remember how friendly those in Belize were when we crossed there from Guatemala :)

by ToonSarah

I must say, when you cross one with Russia to Finland twenty years ago than you know how bad a border can be. Me and my best friend got the works, with guns and everything ... curious to see how things are nowadays

by Ils1976

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